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    以前、インターネットのオークションで「かせくり機」 を購入しました。これは綛(かせ)を巻き取るための道具です。

    A few weeks ago, I was a successful bid the skeiner on the Internet auction. This is a tool used for winding up thread called ‘kase’ in Japanese .

    が、例によって最安値!! 確か数百円でした。送料のほうが高いくらいですが、普通に買えば結構するので、やっぱり〝お得感いっぱい〟です。

    Only I had bid on this. So lowest price. Maybe it was several hundred yen. It is much more of a mailing cost is high. But it is very expensive if I buy new skeiner. I was lucky!!

    Cheap reason is this.



    This is very old. So it is broken here and there. There is a name of former workshop that was using this.

    どんな所で、どんな人が使っていたのか!? でも、古いものには〝温もり〟がありますね。

    I imagine the people who had been using it a long time ago. I feel tenderness and warmth in the old tools.


    Immediately I was repairing it.


    さぁ!! 僕の工房で共に働こう!!

    Let’s work in my workshop with me!!