• Workshop ひとつ屋 ものづくり工房 | 大阪阿倍野|草木染め・DIYのワークショップ

     workshop Hitotsu-ya for craftsmanship
    We are making crafts that respects Japanese traditional beauty.


    We handmade textiles and crafts while respecting traditional Japanese colors and designs.
    you are able to experience Japanese traditional dyeing in Hitotsu-ya.

    Besides this, you can also purchase the crafts we made.

    In addition, there is also a small library in the shop where you can freely view books on craft and design.

    ◆ Address 5-3-12 Abeno-suji Abeno-ku osaka JAPAN(※Click 「access」 For More Info!)
    ◆Tel +81-6-6616-7340(06-6616-7340)※ Please use e-mail for inquiries.
    ◆Opening hours For opening days and hours please see calendar.

     ◆ Hitotsu-ya offer three fun.
    [Workshop] [Shop] [Book cafe]

    Workshop We hold various workshops.
    While cherishing Japanese traditional colors and designs, we hold various workshops, such as making dyes using plants and making furniture using original decorative hardware.
    The concept is “Enjoy making things that you like freely anyway!”
    Please enjoy making works like you!
    We are waiting for your participation.

    Shop We sell materials for craft in the sales space.
    In the our shop, we sell materials and items for handmade craft, such as T – shirts, shawls, bags and stationery dyed with Japanese traditional techniques, decorative brackets for Hitotsu-ya’s original DIY etc. Furthermore, we sell natural items such as handmade soap and candles using herbs and spices, and plant dyes clothes and buttons. That is a very small counter. But we collect items that are conscious of Japanese design.

    Some of those items are on sale online (please also see the online shop). However, there are many items sold only in this real store. Please come to our workshop.

    ◆Original T-shirt
    We are making items such as original T – shirts and cushion cover which were influenced by Japanese color and design.Of course, at our workshop you can dye your T-shirt by yourself. Also you can sew a T – shirt with dyed fabric by yourself.
    If you have any doubts, please make inquiries using the help request form.



    木目絞りポロシャツ 絞り染めTシャツ ろうけつ染めポロシャツ 型染めTシャツ

    Bookshelf There are many exhibition catalogs.
    Hitotsu-ya has a bookshelf containing a catalog of exhibitions held in Japan. They are catalogs and books on craft and design. And you can read them freely. Most of them are in Japanese, but you can appreciate photos.
    You can drink tea in this space. Please think about the idea of making a work, take a break between manufacturing things, enjoy relax reading.
    The book of this book box is posted on the blog. But it blog is presented only in Japanese.
    ※ We do not lend books. Please note.